Rabbit on Cabbage Leaf with Carrots



Rabbit on Cabbage Leaf with Carrots.

Italian-crafted Fine Hand Painted Ceramic

Serving piece designed by The Mane Lion.

Size : 12" x 12"


Italian Craftmanship

" We're proud that our products are crafted by master artisans in the best Italian factories-some of them generations old. Centuries of experience have enabled them to produce the finest, most durable, most beautiful ceramic dishes on earth."

The Italian Recipe for Beauty

" Each piece begins with the bisque-red or white earth mixed with water, poured into a mold and fired. Recently, a stronger bisque was developed, making our ceramic even more durable."

Craft Image

We rely on expert painters, whose touch and tools are as pure as those whose domain is canvas. The painting style of each Italian factory reflects its region. Generally, in the north of Italy, you'll find a tendency for delicate floral décor and a soft palette. Moving south brings styles more rustic and vibrant.

Many of our pieces are Majolica, which means the bisque is colored with glaze-creating shine, consistency and more bursting colors. The other type of color finish, crystalline, looks more transparent. Glaze has brighter shades and fuller coverage-the specialty of Mediterranean countries.


Care Instructions:
Dinnerware and Chip & Dips

The Mane Lion products come from the finest quality ceramic earthenware and are hand-painted in Italy. They meet all requirements of the FDA and are intended for serving food.

Variations in wear can result from differences in the temperature at which ceramics are fired, and also from variations in the clay, or "earth." We recommend avoiding the heat setting on dishwashers and find that hand washing works best for large earthenware, especially chip-and-dips. We advise against soaking in the sink or dramatic swings in temperature, such as going from very hot to very cold. The microwave is not recommended.

The Mane Lion products are manufactured to the highest specifications to ensure durability, and with normal handling, should give you many years of joy.


Serving possibilities for The Mane Lion's products are virtually limitless. Use your imagination. Rely on your chip-and-dip to make anything you serve look creative and tantalizing. Simply adding store-bought dips, spreads or garnishes can elevate any snack arrangement to one that looks like an ambitious culinary undertaking.

Rabbit on Cabbage Leaf with Carrots

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