Celtic Astrology Druid Tree Signs ( Phyllis Vega )


This book reintroduces an ancient system of astrology developed by the ancient Druids through a mystical runic alphabet known as the Ogham.

They used a Celtic tree calendar, in which each tree has a dryad or tree spirit, which represents the spiritual nature in human beings. Because the tree signs function somewhat like the moon signs in traditional astrology, these signs bring to light many of the details of your inner world: emotions, feelings, spirituality, and the subconscious mind.

No prior knowledge of astrology is necessary to use this system; all you need to know is the day and month of birth to greatly enhance the interpretation of your natal chart by adding your tree sign and the new information it conveys.The book includes a comprehensive analysis of each tree sign and each sun sign of the traditional zodiac, with an analysis of each of the tree sign/sun sign combinations, plus an exercise, spell, ritual, or meditation specifically created for each combination

Publisher: Career Books ( 2002)

ISBN 10: 1564145921

ISBN 13: 978-1564145925

Book Dimensions: 21.6 x 12.4 x 1.8 cm

Weight: 227 g

List Price : $ 20.95


A Marvelous Book for Beginners and Experts both

Celtic Astrology, by Phyllis Vega is enjoyable to explore. After I had read about myself in the Druid Tree Signs, I found myself looking up my friends and relations. The author thoughtfully includes the traditional sun signs as well as the Tree Signs. Best of all, she includes spells and rituals for each Tree Sign, making the book practical as well as interesting.

Subtitled How the Mystical Power of the Druid Tree Signs Can Transform Your Life, the book begins with a brief introduction to the Druids and their culture along with an explanation of the difference between Sun Sign and Druid, or Celtic astrology. The author's lucid style continues to illuminate the tree signs themselves, including associated deities and animals. As a perpetual student of ancient lore, I appreciated the myths and legends associated with the signs.

The author weaves information about nature, the Celts, ecology, and much more into every chapter. I was impressed by her knowledge and understanding of how things work. For instance, when she discusses The Reed, she details their uses by Native Americans as well as their place in nature, and their relevance as a Tree Sign. Because I am an herbalist as well as a student of nature, I am happy to read a book that not only adds to my knowledge but shines enough light to educate the average reader.

Phyllis Vega's rituals and spells are simple and beautifully explained. My only criticism of this book is that I would have enjoyed it if there were more than one exercise per sign. This carefully written work is a good read as well as a fine source of what may be new information to many. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in learning more about the world of the Druids, their sun own Sun and Tree sign, and those of their friends and relations.

T.H. ( USA )

Terrific ! This beautifully packaged book is a must for anyone interested in astrology or Celtic astrology. Phyllis Vega takes us on a magical mystery tour of the Celtic signs, from the Birch through the Elder and Nameless Day.

She gives us the mythological backgrounds of each Celtic "tree" sign, vivid descriptions of people born under these signs, and shows how the energy has worked in their lives. There's also a separate section about Western astrology & on tree sign and Sun sign combinations. Highly recommended.

T.McG. ( USA )

Celtic Astrology Druid Tree Signs ( Phyllis Vega )

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